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Let’s escape this world for a better one.

Realms of Roush is the home for speculative fiction and creative essays that explore the realms of human experience.

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Let’s Break it Down

You will either receive a short story or a creative essay once a month.

Every story will truly be short (no more than 3000 words) and have an audio version. Stories more than 3K words will be serialized.

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Short Stories

All short stories are speculative fiction: sci-fi, fantasy, and everything in between.

Need a taster? Check out these puppies:

Creative Essays

Creative Essays will be non-fiction stories from my life. I tend to have a humorous and poetic perspective on everything. Here’s an example from my travel newsletter.

About Zach Roush

a man stands in front of cactuses and greenery with a smile and arms crossed - a nice picture

I’ve been writing non-stop since 2014 at Pepperdine’s newspaper. Since then, I’ve spent years copywriting for websites, blogs, and the rest. When my soul was nearly sucked dry by the SEO overlords, I got serious about my creative writing.

I co-started a writers group that’s been meeting for over two years, finished a novel, started a few more, and have racked up DOZENS of rejections for short stories and my YA novel (soon to be serialized AND on Kindle).

Through every word I’m writing, I’m on a journey exploring the many realms of human experience.

Hence, Realms of Roush.

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Zachary Roush

writer. aspiring renaissance man. Escape to new realms once a month with Realms of Roush. Find meaning in the little things with Slice of Poetry. Or follow my wife and I as we travel to Viet Nam and beyond!